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Pulse Young!

Courses and membership for you between 13-14 years

Our course instructors

Pulse Young Course

1,699 NOK

3 x training hours with a personal trainer



After completing the course, the young person can register for NOK 299/month.

This membership changes to normal membership after the age of 15.

Ordinary membership: NOK 549/month

MorgenPuls: NOK 449/month

12 month commitment

No registration fee

Access to studio and group lessons

Pulse Young Membership

NOK 299/month

Registration form:


  • Current courses:

    • Longhouse

      • 1 to 1 or group

        • Start-up by appointment

    • Trollåsen

      • 1 to 1 or group

        • Start-up by appointment


*Kan ikke være samme som foresatt

Hvilket senter ønsker du å trene på?
Hvilke produkter ønsker du?

*Course must be completed first
**Membership only begins after completion of the course

Hvilket kurs ønskes:
Consent to communication:

Thank you for your registration. You will receive a confirmation from us when the course/membership is ready.

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