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Opening times Christmas 2022

We are approaching Christmas, and it is important to note the different opening hours: 

December 24: 08:00 - 15:00

December 31: 08:00 - 18:00

Beyond that, there are normal opening hours. 

You can always find updated information about Puls Kantor

Rules of order

New posters with rules of order have been put up at the centre. We appreciate that everyone familiarizes themselves with these.

It lays the foundation for well-being for everyone who shares the fitness center with you, and remember that the rules apply to everyone.

Take off your outdoor shoes in the hallway outside the lock.

- No one should enter the center with shoes that have been worn outdoors.

Place outerwear and bags in the wardrobe.

- Bags and outer clothing must not be left in the coffee corner or in the studio.

Wash and clean up all equipment afterwards use.(Read the poster in the studio for guidance)

- Everyone must have their own bottle and cloth with them around the studio. Everytime.

Keep training clothes on during training.

- Show consideration for the others staying at the center with you.

Carefully put down equipment.

- Handles, bars, weight plates and other equipment must not be dropped

Wash your workout clothes between each workout.

-No one likes the smell of dirty gym clothes. Always wear clean training clothes.

Have you spilled? Wipe up after yourself.

-Liquid lime, coffee, sports drinks, etc. Everything must be washed away immediately.

Children must not be brought into the centre.

- Members must not lock others in at the centre. This includes children.

Do you know someone who would like to see Puls Kantor?

Do you know someone who wants to come in and see the center before signing up? Ask them to show up followingTuesdays KL17:00 -19:00:

December 20 

January 3

January 10

January 17

January 24

January 31

We are at the center to answer questions and give a tour of the centre, but there are no arrangements for trial training. If the center fills up, the upcoming open houses will be cancelled. If the people you know who want to see the center can't make it on those days, they can send an email to arrange a tour with us. This inquiry is sent

Remember that it is not allowed to let anyone into the center beyond the above times.

Merry Christmas!

Greetings from all of us at Puls. 

Parkering nov23_edited.jpg

Parkeringsplassene finner du ved å kjøre forbi Puls Langhus, mot Langhus stasjon. Vi ber alle sørge for å holde seg oppdatert på retningslinjene, da de kan endres på kort varsel. Det er gangvei fra parkeringsplassene langs Hilda Langhus vei frem til Puls Langhus. Følg skiltingen.

Ta kontakt med resepsjonen i bemannet tidsrom, hvis du ikke finner frem: 64889100

Vi sees på trening.

Mvh oss i Puls.

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