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Duration: 45/60 min

Centre: Puls Trollåsen, Puls Langhus

The cycling class is adapted to exercisers and is suitable for everyone. The class is based on motivational music and is a good option for those who want cardio training. You can control the intensity and load yourself. Warm-up and 2 stages with the intensity you want. This is a super effective way to improve your own fitness.

Fitness class

Duration: 45 min

Centre: Puls Langhus

This is a class where fitness is the focus. We use ski-erg, bike-erg, row-erg and your own body weight.

Indoor running class

Duration: 30 min

Centre: Puls Trollåsen

Running class for those who want to run. With an instructor, you will be challenged in different intervals on the mill. Suitable for anyone who wants to run as you decide the speed yourself.

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